Here is an interaction that lets you pick the teams to play in the final of the upcoming soccer world cup.

I used objects with custom states to display the two team selections. Clicking any of the 32 team buttons changes the value of a variable. Based on the changing variables, the team selectors’ state is set to the selected team.

Once the two teams are selected, the next slide shows the selections and lets you pick the winner. This was done by an Advanced Conditional Action that is executed on SlideEnter.

I might come back to this project and add an option to write the selections to a Google Sheet and then display the list of selections. For now, I just wanted to create the basic functionality, navigation and Advanced Actions setup.

Give it a go!

Note: While I was testing the published content, I noticed a couple of issues. In the HTML5 version, the second screen doesn’t show the previous selections (this works fine in the Flash version). In IE11, the YouTube video on the second screen, it is shown offset to the left and doesn’t play correctly (this works fine in Chrome and Safari).

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