Knowles Training Institute on Why Now Is The Best Time To Be A Life Long Learner

Updated 1122 GMT (1322HKT) January 2, 2018

When we were kids, learning is associated with sitting in the classroom and listening to the lectures while jotting down some notes. “We have been conditioned that in order to get high grades, we must participate in class recitations and do our homework faithfully. And then once we graduate, we feel like learning phase is done and it’s time to work and earn some money. ” Sancy Suraj of Knowles Training Institute informed.

It is an erroneous idea that most of us have immersed. School is not the only source of information. “Lifelong learning means learning in both formal and informal set-ups with all the different possible ways. It is a lifelong process which involves the persistence and interest of discovering new knowledge. Education doesn’t just exist in the libraries or in the four walls of the classroom. It doesn’t matter how old we are as long as we are always interested to learn,” Sancy Suraj added.

With technology advancements, there are a lot of sources which we can get information.  We can leverage the use of laptops, electronic dictionaries, Ebooks, or even our own mobile phones in acquiring knowledge. Millennials can use smartphones in order to read during their free time.

Just because a person has already graduated with a college degree or even a doctoral degree, it doesn’t mean that learning stops. There are essential benefits when we keep our brains always active. People who read and solve challenging word games have a more intellectual capacity as they grow older.

Knowles Training Institute Singapore
Knowles Training Institute Singapore

One of the causes of having an Alzheimer’s Disease is when a brain is inactive and unengaged into any mental activities. Every one of us should read during our free time and stimulate our brain. We can also not just learn through books and gadgets, but we can an also learn by travelling to different places and talking to other people. By talking to people who are not in the same age with ours, especially to those who are older than us, we get to know more about of their opinion, experiences and perception of the world. Some of us do not the opportunity to finish college and some could not even get a high school diploma because of reasons such as financial problems and illnesses.

Self-learning is something that we can all acquire in order to get a free education without the need to go to school. Most of the successful individuals do not have any formal education, but they were able to be successful in their lives.

Being a lifelong learner starts within ourselves. We must develop deep passion and interest in acquiring a new set of information. Knowledge without application is also not a good thing. We must not just be knowledgeable in academics but we must also need to apply it in our daily lives.

Being smart just doesn’t mean that a person knows a lot of technical words. Learning different kinds of skills is also essential in this fast-paced world we live in. The world is blessed with bountiful of resources for different kinds of information. We better not miss the opportunity because every one of us is entitled to be lifelong learners.

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