Keypad With Shifting Digits

In this project I will help you to create a keypad where the digits on the display shift to the left as you enter them. In addition to the digit shifting effect – this keypad also serves as a lock to the next page, so you’ll need to do some beginner puzzle solving to get…

Sweating may be why we became the dominant species on Earth

While today profuse sweating is a social embarrassment, in the past it gave us an evolutionary advantage. Read More

Bespoke suicide pods now available for death in style

Sarco assisted suicide pods come in three different styles, and allow you to die quickly and painlessly. They're even quite beautiful to look at. Read More

Top Learning And Development Challenges Faced By Enterprises

Over the last decade, the Learning and Development landscape has undergone a sea change. These changes have led to both opportunities and challenges for companies with large operations and employee strength. Here are some insights into the top Learning and Development challenges that enterprise companies face. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

Top 5 Tips For Innovative eLearning Development

Amongst the challenges that Learning and Development teams and Learning Consultants face today, the top 2 pertaining to training would be: 1) How to increase the efficacy of training?, and 2) What learning strategies should be adopted to ensure that the learning and business mandates are met? In this article I will outline 5 tips…

Who is the biggest musician of all time?

After Beyoncé’s landmark Coachella performance, a look back at the biggest musical stars ever. It’s impossible to pick just one as the biggest, but fun to try.Read More

Cows will one day rule the earth, say scientists

When humans die out or leave Earth because of climate change, cows may be the biggest (and most widespread) animal left, thereby inheriting the planet. Read More

What Is Employee Development? The Key To Business Success!

What is employee development? Once you invest in it, the resulting improvements in productivity outweigh the amount spent on the development initiative. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

Quiz attempts

Hi Everybody, I’m working on an eLearning that will have a quiz at the end. The user should be able to finish all 10 question. If the user doesn’t score enough points, it should be able to start the quiz again and after that they have another attempt. I set the attempts, but it checks…

New study on women who watched ‘The X-Files’ backs up ‘Scully...

What is the Scully Effect? It's no coincidence that female fans of 'The X-Files' are inspired to choose careers in STEM fields.Read More